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What is Crowdsourcing, and How Can it Add Value to Your Enterprise?
Since the 2004 publication of James Surowiecki’s highly influential book, The Wisdom of Crowds, the idea that large groups of people can be smarter than a few individuals, no matter how brilliant, has been gradually gaining prominence in academic circles, business communities, and public opinion. Crowdsourcing is one of the most popular applications of this idea. Numerous organizations –including corporations, governmental agencies, and nonprofits – have adopted crowdsourcing as an innovation tool to help them address their most pressing business challenges. However, the practical adoption of crowdsourcing has been far from seamless. Why? Firstly, there is widespread, often completely paralyzing, uncertainty over which business

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5 Corporate Innovation Tools and Tactics: How to Chose the Best Option for Your Company
Looking to take your company’s innovation endeavors to a whole new level – but are unsure what tools and strategies will get you there? This is the blog you’ve been searching for! It’s easy to appreciate just how crucial innovation is for evolving your...
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Why Innovation Management is Important – 3 Crucial Reasons to Adopt this Growth-Driving Practice
“Innovate or stagnate.” It’s a stark choice that businesses across all sectors must confront daily. Although many decision makers at large companies recognize the importance of innovation, most fail to implement it in a strategic, consistent, and effective way. A recent study by McKinsey...
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Innovate, Adapt, Overcome: How to Beat a Recession with Idea Management & Continuous Improvement
In the precarious economic climate, a global recession is an ever-present danger. However, by developing an innovation strategy that anticipates a downturn, you can help your enterprise weather the storm and even uncover lucrative ways to gain a competitive edge. Read on to discover how you can transform a recession into a rejuvenation. Given the devastating impact of the 2007-08 financial crisis, it’s little wonder that companies worldwide are sensitive to omens of a new “great recession”. It’s estimated that a loss of more than $2 trillion in world-wide economic growth occurred between the second quarter of 2008 and...
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Eliminating Uncertainty: How to Manage Innovation Risk in 3 Easy Steps
Herman Kahn – futurist, author, and inspiration for Stanley Kubrick’s “Dr Strangelove” – once described risk taking as “the essence of innovation”. It’s a fair assessment. Afterall, innovation often means abandoning an old, well-established practice in favour of something potentially greater, but less predictable....
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What is Total Innovation Management? Achieving Excellence from Idea Generation to Implementation
To maximize the ROI of your innovation initiatives, it’s vital to gain input from as many sources as possible and ensure all departments take part in a culture of ideation. In this article, we explore the concept of Total Innovation Management (TIM) and how...
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Building the Hype: 4 Communication Best Practices for Innovation Management
The great Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once said, “the single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Too often, leaders in the corporate sphere assume that once a new project – such as the implementation of an innovation...
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Game Changers: How Citizen Science and Gamification Are Transforming the Business World
The acclaimed educational reformer John Dewey once said, “every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination”. Today, this audacity is reflected in the rising influence of citizen driven innovation and science – that is, the collaboration of volunteer non-scientists...
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Why does digital transformation matter - vectors
Adding Eye Candy: 4 Visual Best Practices to Boost Engagement on Your Idea Generation Platform
The great Israeli artist Yaacov Agam once said “while the verbal can separate, the visual is understood by everyone.” The same principle holds true when it comes to boosting user engagement on your idea generation platform. Implementing sleek, eye-catching visuals wherever possible will help attract user attention and encourage more participation. By leveraging profile pictures, idea images, gamification badges, and other visuals that align with your company’s branding and culture, you can effectively convey to users that the platform is set up for their benefit. Using a variety of striking visuals will also let users know that they can...
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„Die Innovations-Hotline: Wie die Colruyt Group durch kollaborative Ideengenerierung meisterhaft Intrapraneurship betreibt
Sehr oft haben die erfolgreichsten und innovativsten Unternehmen eher klein und bescheiden angefangen. Die Colruyt Group ist mit ihrer raschen Entwicklung von einem kleinen, familiengeführten Großhandelsunternehmen aus dem Jahr 1928, zu einem multinationalen Konglomerat mit 30.000 Beschäftigten ein gutes Beispiel dafür. Zu verdanken ist...
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The Winning Formula for Financial Process Improvement – How TSYS is Defining the Future of Fintech
There has never been a more critical time for financial firms to prioritize innovation. Rapidly changing customer behaviours, disruptive digital technologies, and the emergence of agile fintech start-ups means that disruption is an ever-present danger. To counter these challenges, companies are increasingly focused on...

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