Discover what the Gartner innovation management research says about Qmarkets!

Delivering Innovation

Qmarkets reviewed by Gartner as ‘Representative Vendor‘ in the Innovation Management market

“Qmarkets has focused on adding even more flexibility in designing the idea evaluation process.”

Gartner Market Guide for Innovation Management Solutions, March 2016

“Qmarkets has developed a range of specialized products for different types of engagement, such as: brainstorming and innovation workshops, open innovation, hackathons, municipal and citizen engagement, continuous process improvement.”

Gartner Market Guide for Innovation Management Solutions, March 2016

Resounding Accolades

Unmatched Functionality
The comprehensive & robust features of the platform make it a major player on the innovation management market

Flexibility À la carte
Perfectly configured to meet your company’s workflows, roles, business culture, etc

Future Ready! 
A scalable platform which evolves with your organization.

Why do leading companies choose

Idea & Innovation Management systems?

“Innovation management is the primary tool of business growth, brand value and operational optimization.”

The Reviews Are In...

Discover why leading analysts consistently highlight idea & innovation management as a strategic imperative for large organizations.

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